3 Alternative Ways to Create Video Content

Are you aware that there are ways to create video content without using a video camera, or recording a single frame of video footage for that matter? Exploring some of these ‘alternative’ ways of creating videos can be helpful, as it will let you diversify the types of content that you create.

While there are numerous alternative ways to create videos, the three that you could look at initially are:

  • Screen recording

Essentially screen recording captures video footage from a screen as opposed to using a video camera. It is one of the more popular alternative ways to create videos due to the fact that it is perfectly suited for videos involving digital products.

However aside from that there are other types of videos that can be created using screen recording as well. For example you could capture video footage of an interview conducted using a video calling platform.

  • Slideshow videos

Unlike conventional videos, slideshow videos use slides consisting of images and text to put their message across. When saved in video form it is possible to add other audiovisual elements to them as well, such as a voiceover, background music, transitions, or basic animation.

The types of slideshows you can create will depend on the software that you use and its features. For example you may want to try Slideshow Maker .

  • Fair use or Creative Commons compilations

Did you know that it is actually possible to create videos by simply taking bits and pieces of other videos online? Admittedly there are caveats to this method, but it is still worth considering if you want to create a compilation or highlights video.

Basically the Creative Commons licensing will allow videos published under it to be used in certain ways – as specified by the license. On the other hand ‘Fair Use’ is a legal doctrine that also allows videos to be used in various ways subject to certain conditions.

Make no mistake while you don’t need to start creating only videos using the methods described above, it helps to be aware of your options. In some cases you may find that these methods work out better than recording conventional videos for certain types of content. Similarly in other cases you may be able to come up with different types of ideas for videos based on them.

Aside from these three methods there are other ways to create video content – and the one big one you may want to look at is animation. Admittedly it can be a bit more difficult to get into, but it is definitely versatile and is a very useful way to be able to create video content that engages viewers.