Benefits and Significance of Computer Recycling

For decades, world is being made aware about the significance of recycling stuff, so as to save earth. Piles of wastage are escalating, which can potentially destroy natural resources. In this digital era, earth is experiencing a different kind of ecological challenge called ‘Electronic Wastage’.

Computer equipment and electronic rubbish is rapidly getting added to landfills. Rapid changes in technology and low purchase price have made the replacement of gadgets easy. Users are always keen to purchase new, better, and powerful computers. However, this results in rapidly increasing e-waste mountain.

If steps are not taken soon, it will turn into a huge issue that will be hard to solve. Just like normal garbage, when space is not available it transforms into an issue, which impacts the society tremendously. Therefore, computer recycling needs to be considered seriously.

Why computers need to be recycled?

Discarded computer equipment includes monitors, hard drives, circuit boards, and printers. These items must never be thrown with household rubbish. These contain toxic substances like dioxins, cadmium, radioactive isotopes, PCBs, and mercury, which can be hazardous to the atmosphere.

 Often e-waste ends up in developing countries, where goods are disposed improperly. Pollution caused due to hazardous chemicals & heavy metals is an escalating concern in developing countries like Asia, Africa, and South America.

One computer contains 2 kg lead and complex material mixture which makes PC recycling very difficult. Electronic recycling is the current agenda to be considered seriously for environmental preservation and protection.

Several recycling methods

Consumer recycling

Selling or donating computers to organizations or countries that need them. You can even send the computer to its original manufacturer, so they recycle or dispose the parts properly.

Corporate recycling

Used computers can be sold to computer centers.


Many people are in need for cheap computers. If you don’t need it again then sell it at a bargain price?

Take back

Several computer companies take back their products to dispose it properly.


Computer manufacturer takes back the old unit in exchange for a new one. The old ones they refurbish and sell it at discounted rates.

PC recycling benefits

PC recycling helps to –

  • Conserve natural resources. For example, glass and plastic from monitors can be reused in new computers.
  • Support community – Refurbish computers with decent working condition and donate it to low-income families, schools, and charities.
  • Create local jobs – Computers not in good working conditions are sent to electronic recycling plants. Thus, local jobs get created for operating this processing plant.