How To Activate The Windows 10 Home Key!

Windows 10 home is one of the advanced operating systems launched by the giant Microsoft. It has come across as one of the solicited choices for the consumers looking for non-commercial or regular use of their laptops and PCs. Loaded with the latest technological tools, the Windows 10 home comes with its own set of security, advanced apps and use.

Windows 10 home key is pretty much in line with the product keys that Microsoft has launched in its previous versions. But due to the distinctions between several versions of the Microsoft windows 10, using it has become soft of confusing. Here are some of your queries answered!

How to activate Window 10 home key!

To activate the Windows 10 home key one needs to first install the system on the computer with the help of the disk drive that comes along. It is also easy to make an installation with the help of the download links provided. Once it is done go to settings (window key + i) and then choose ‘update and security’. On the ‘Update and Security’ page seek to the left hand menu and hit the ‘Product activation key’ bar. Here one needs to enter the 25 character product activation key and after verification the system installs itself to the new Windows 10 Home version.

What if you don’t have a Windows 10 Product key?

If you are using a Microsoft Windows 10 version without a product key, the need is to install the system and go to the settings. On Settings menu select ‘Update and Security’ > ‘Activation’ on the left hand menu. Thereafter select ‘Go To Store’ option and buy a version of Windows you want to install. Online buying installs and updates the system automatically.

How to change product key?

To change from one version to another, one can easily reinstall the version and activate an all new product key. To make the changes just go to Run > Slui. This command opens a dialog box for the Windows Product key change. Enter the new product key and hit the ‘OK’ button. It shall take a few moments and the key shall be changed.

One can shift from old to new version or buy an entirely new set-up to shift to Windows 10 home and enjoy the latest of technology come to life on their screen. With features so profound one is bound to be left speechless with Windows 10!