Quick Things Worth Knowing About Choosing A Hosting Plan!

A website is a collection of files, and these files must be stored somewhere. That’s exactly where a hosting plan comes in the picture. A web hosting provider offers you the plan to host your website. When you want to create website for your business, selecting the right hosting plan is critical for ensuring that your website is accessible at all times. Here are some of the things worth knowing before selecting a hosting provider and plan.

Start with reliability

It goes without saying that reliability is a big factor for selecting a hosting provider. Even a few years back, uptime was considered to be an important aspect, but most reliable hosts such as BlueHost and HostGator have managed to assure 100% uptime for all plans. Reliability is also measured in terms of tech support. You need a company that stands tall on tech support, and email support is just not enough in that context. When there’s a technical glitch with the website, you need phone or live chat support, as immediately as possible.

Shared vs. Dedicated hosting

Shared hosting, as the name implies, is when your website shares space on a server with other websites. In case of dedicated hosting, your website is the only one that’s hosted on the server. For resource-intensive websites, dedicated hosting is a great choice, not just for getting assured bandwidth and storage but also from security point of view. Shared hosting, to be fair, is not bad per se, especially if you consider the costs and benefits. To sum up things, if you have a basic website, consider using shared hosting, which is pretty affordable even with leading hosts.

Consider the basics

How easily can you upgrade the plan? Can you move from one hosting provider to another? Is the host flexible with its services? Can you ask for add-ons later? These are just some of the aspects that must be considered when it comes to selecting a host. You might also want to check a few reviews o the concerned service online, and to test their customer support, you can call them directly and ask questions related to plans. A basic plan for single domain should work well if you are just starting out, as long as you get unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and 100% uptime.

Think of web hosting as the backbone of your website and select a service accordingly.