Surveillance Technology and Border Security: What You Need to Know?

A border can be anything – a simple line in the sand, a strip of unoccupied beach, a fence made of some wire, a simple guard outpost or a river snaking its way. In fact, it is a spot where the rights of one end and the other begins.

These borders are often the cause of fights and conflicts, especially if it is between two countries. Many countries like Australia and India have vast coastlines that are their borders and thus need to be managed and monitored around the clock. Managing such vast areas only manually is a difficult task and thus advanced surveillance technology comes to the rescue.

Using the latest and the most innovative technologies, today it is possible to create a virtual wall at the border. It will be basically a radar wall with 360-degree radar surveillance. There is also a possibility of constructing a virtual fence that has a series of sensor-and-camera-equipped towers all along it. These help in detecting any unlawful movement along the border. These towers are called Integrated Fixed Towers. These are equipped to provide complete wide-area surveillance and all automated for tracking, identifying and classification of all illegal border incursions.

While the technology is progressing with each passing day and is coming out with unique solutions that make the surveillance more and more efficient, there is another side of this story too. The unethical hackers find loopholes in these and make use of it to compromise the systems. Camera manufacturers keep ethical hackers on their roles to find the back door possibilities in their NVR systems and keep plugging those. Hikvision has employed many professional ethical hackers to enhance cybersecurity of their surveillance systems. But still, one is never 100% sure if the criminal minds have found something.

In spite of this potential threat, the innovations in the technology have definitely helped in enhancing the efficiency of monitoring the borders. It has combined the radar and long-distance cameras together to adapt them and make an ideal combination for border security use. These systems are very flexible and can be custom tuned according to the requirement, which increases its efficiency multifold. Making use of this surveillance technology, it is possible for a small team of people to monitor vast and varied stretches of the border area efficiently and effectively.